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Solid Waste Management Plan

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Under the Westchester County Source Separation Law (SSL), businesses or organizations (including schools and health-care facilities) that own a building or buildings commonly hosting more than 100 employees, patients or students during a 24 hour period is required to submit a Solid Waste Management Plan that details its solid waste and recycling disposal practices. Businesses, institutions or schools with multiple locations that collectively contain more than 100 employees, patients or students during a 24 hour period (be it seasonally or year-round), are required to file the Plan, as well.

The purpose for requiring this Plan is to enable the county to insure that local businesses are aware of their legal obligations under the SSL , and to efficiently communicate any new legislation or initiatives and programs, applicable to a business, as it relates to recycling, waste reduction and solid waste management in Westchester County. Although these forms are mandatory, this allows the County to help you make sure that your business is in compliance.

If an organization does not own the building it occupies, and is not responsible for securing services related to the removal of garbage and recyclables, it is not required to submit this plan. In that case, the building's owner is responsible to file this plan. If an organization owns facilities at multiple locations, it should submit only one plan referencing all locations.

Organizations are required to submit an updated Solid Waste Management Plan every three years. An automated reminder will be sent to the e-mail addresses registered for the Plan.

Submitting the plan online is simple. First register your organization to create an account. You'll only need to register one time, because you'll use the same account to submit future plans. After the account is created, you can begin the process of completing the information through the interactive online form. It's important to know that once you've started entering information into the form, you must complete and submit it within two weeks. However, after you've submitted the form, you have a seven-day window to make changes.